Marians Shopmercy Bookstore: New eCommerce Platform, B2B, and B2C Ecommerce Strategy

by Michael Moores

Marians Shopmercy Bookstore: New eCommerce Platform, B2B, and B2C Ecommerce Strategy

by Michael Moores

by Michael Moores



Marians of the Immaculate Conception is a fraternal community of consecrated life in the Roman Catholic Church and have been promoting the message of Divine Mercy since their inception in 1673.

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“Working with Envalo was a very good experience. They had the tools and insight to elicit information from us and get to the root of what we needed and deliver those back to us in complete concepts of what the internal team needed or were skeptical about. Envalo’s agile techniques and scheduled sprints helped break the project into bite-sized tasks which helped our team to not be overwhelmed.”
~ Tad Floridis, Engagement Manager, Marian Fathers


Pope Francis declared 2016 as the Year of Divine Mercy and since the Marians are the “keepers of mercy,” they anticipated a dramatic increase in sales. To support those anticipated sales, they wanted to build out the capabilities of their online store. With a desire to increase their product mix and resolve distribution channel challenges, The Marians contracted with Transom Group to help them transition from their homegrown ecommerce platform to a more robust platform to meet their goal to achieve growth, develop an ecommerce strategy and clean up distribution channels.


Transom Group initially worked with Marians to develop an online strategy, define requirements and determine which platform would best meet the goals of their new online strategy. During the requirements defining phase, Transom Group worked with Marians to help them define and implement online best practices, to clean up their data and to completely overhaul internal workflows. Transom Group renegotiated contracts with a few key distributors and then brought most of the distribution back in-house. They also encouraged the Marians to increase their product offerings.

While other platforms were considered, Transom Group and Marians decided that Magento’s robust features
provided the most comprehensive tool to provide visibility to everyone within the organization. Once Magento
Community was selected as the eCommerce platform, Transom Group brought Envalo into the project to design
and implement the new site.

Envalo worked with Transom Group and the Marians team to further refine requirements and determine which
Magento components to customize and integrate with existing systems. Then, while Envalo’s design team
refreshed the site with new designs, the technology team implemented the site on a tight timeline of just
3.5 months.


  • Enhanced ecommerce capabilities to enable a new business model
  • On time, on budget launch
  • 40-50% better margins after renegotiating contracts and bringing distribution
  • Special accommodations for book store owners including:
    • Credit limits
    • Special pricing
    • Search order history by purchase order number
    • Ability for someone to register as a bookstore owner, request to use purchase
      orders and a credit limit

Quick-Add Ordering


Key integrations and extensions:

  • Avalara Tax Module – Streamlined Marians’ tax calculations and reduces tax exposure.
  • Envalo’s B2B Bulk Ordering – allows customers to bulk order multiple SKUs from one
  • Envalo’s Order By SKU – allows customers to add products to the shopping cart by SKU
  • SweetTooth – provides a rewards system and encourages customers to register on the
  • SEO Ultimate Suite
  • Donations Ultimate
  • MailChimp – integration with client’s eCommerce Email Marketing platform
  • Back Office Integrations: Marian’s leverages a custom-built ERP application to manage
    certain back office functions including product, warehouse management, fulfillment, CRM,
    etc. Leveraging Envalo’s Integration Technology, we built bi-directional integrations
    for customers, products and orders. Now, Marians updates product information in their
    ERP and that automatically updates in Magento. In turn, Magento handles new customers
    and orders and pushes that information to the ERP system
  • Custom: Ability for Marians to track an order’s conversion by using a special print
    mailer code

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