Magento, Memories and the Magnificent M

by Michael Moores

Magento, Memories and the Magnificent M

by Michael Moores

by Michael Moores

Copy of IMG_1322Often we reflect on a conference or trade show and comment on how great the speakers were, the quality of the contacts we made, etc. However, there are a lot of people that go into producing a conference like Magento Imagine. I want to give a huge thanks to all those at Magento and eBay who put on a great conference. We should also thank them for selecting a great venue in The M Resort. As a matter of fact, we wanted to share our team’s experience with one specific individual who went way above and beyond the call of duty to make our visit memorable.

The M

First, let me say that the M is a great venue for the Magento Imagine conference. The 390 room hotel is amazing. Our rooms had floor to ceiling windows with a magnificent night-time view of the strip. When you first walk into the M, you notice this amazing smell (a special mix of Lavender and Vanilla, we were told) that is pumped through the entire hotel. Even the elevators smell good! Another great feature of the M is that they actually have windows which makes the hotel unique since the Vegas Strip hotels don’t have natural sunlight coming in because they want you to lose track of the time of day – or night, as the case may be! The M targets the local Las Vegas crowd and people driving in from Los Angeles and they are also loyal to local industries, selling beef raised on local farms and wine from local wineries.

As our team was walking through the casino trying to find a nice place to eat a celebratory dinner, a M security guard saw us looking around in bewilderment and asked if he could help. We told him that we were looking for a great place to eat. After giving us the low-down on all the various restaurants and their related cuisines, we settled on Anthony’s, the Steakhouse. We asked him to point us in the general direction of the restaurant and he quickly offered to walk us over in person. On our way, Tim was explaining to Nicole and Abby that the Magento bar camp last year was on the amazingly beautiful top floor. He told the security guard that it was a shame that Nicole and Abby would not be able to experience seeing the top floor because the views were excellent and the decor was beautiful.

Private Tour

IMAG0375As we were about to say goodbye to our new friend, who kindly took this photo for us, he asked us to wait a minute while he ‘made a call’. He quickly returned and asked us to follow him. He explained Magento Imagine was one of The M’s best conferences of the year and the M staff were told to make sure the attendees were happy in every respect. He led us through a few “behind the scenes” corridors to an elevator and the next thing we know, we received a private tour of the beautiful 16th floor. There used to be a sushi bar on this floor, but now the area is reserved for private parties like weddings and engagement parties.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

As we stood there talking with the security guard, he asked what the Magento Imagine conference was all about which led to a discussion about why we started Envalo. We quickly learned that our new friend is an entrepreneur at heart, as well. He was born in Russia and moved to New York city when he was a young boy. He has recently served our country on a tour of duty overseas with the US Army. This young man has a passion to meld his heritage and family experience into starting a trendy dessert bar as a tribute to his family and heritage. In fact, his restaurant’s name will feature his grandmother’s initials. It sounds like his family is a hoot! He told us that his mother was told by a fortune teller that she will start a business. On the same day she was supposed to start the business her son made a delicious crepe dessert. His grandmother said that he should start the business as long as he puts his grandmother’s name in the name of the restaurant somehow. His restaurant will sell russian inspired desserts targeted toward the late night crowd that wants to have dessert or a nice place to hang out on or around the strip late at night.

Copy of IMG_1351Who knows, maybe we’ll see our new friend at a Magento Imagine Conference in the next few years speaking on how he enabled his customers to reserve, order and pay for a visit to his restaurant with a Magneto/PayPal solution!

This great security guard is one example of the many people behind these events that take the time to make it special. Our team at Envalo loves this story because its about ‘seeing’ people, no matter who or where they are, and recognizing their value. Thanks to The M for hiring such a great guy and a big thanks to this kind, young man, for your service to this country, your service to The M, and making our trip memorable not just by giving us a tour of the 16th floor, but by being who you are and sharing your inspiring story!


Michael is the Founder and CEO of Envalo, Inc. and is a 15-year veteran of the eCommerce industry. He has experience managing enterprise eCommerce projects for larger companies like Hallmark and Carhartt, to smaller eCommerce start-ups like CraftGeer and Healthy Alternatives. He is passionate about Creating Value to each project he undertakes and each person he contacts.

Envalo, Inc. is a Beachwood, Ohio, based company focused on helping businesses with their online eCommerce solutions by Creating Value to their brand through successful solutions and efficient ERP integrations.

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