Do You Know What B2B Buyers Are Looking For Online?

by Michael Moores

Do You Know What B2B Buyers Are Looking For Online?

by Michael Moores

by Michael Moores

B2B buying refers to when one company buys goods and/or services from another company. While B2B buying has occurred since the beginning of business (think a small-town grocer buying corn from the local farmer), the methods by which companies communicate with each other and handle purchase decisions have massively evolved with the introduction of technology and its many capabilities.

The good news is, it’s never too late to develop an online presence to connect with your B2B buyers. That bad news is, it can be difficult to get started. That is, unless you know what your B2B buyers are looking for.

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Unfortunately, many customers don’t know what they want from a B2B buying experience simply because they’re unaware of the options. However, what they do know is that their B2B buying experience should be similar in simplicity to that of popular business-to-consumer websites, complete with company information, product availability, payment options, shipping updates, and the list goes on. By providing your customers with multiple ways to work and communicate online, you’ll be able to offer consistent information and experiences throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

A good B2B site will anticipate the buyers’ needs, understand their pain points and clearly explain how your business and products can service them. By studying your buyers, you can define a vision of what a perfect buying experience would look like. Next, break down that vision into functional features that are needed, and information that will enable your site to host successful engagements.

Once you understand your customers’ unique needs, you can prioritize value added features. Then, you can implement an online B2B customer engagement solution that will give you the competitive advantage you have been seeking. Consider the following features, and think about how they might be of service to your B2B buyers:

  • Customer Service Chat Box
  • Company Information
  • Product Catalog
  • Search Function
  • Optimized Checkout Process
  • Diverse Payment Options
  • Complete Reporting

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Once a potential customer sees that information is readily available, they’ll want to learn more about the actual brand and company behind that solution. It’s important to illustrate that you know your customers’ pain points and have thoughtfully worked for solutions. Meeting people during their time of need with features that make their lives easier will help you stand above your competition, impress online customers, build customer loyalty, and increase sales.

How B2B Companies Can Best Connect With Buyers Online

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