Creative solutions to complex B2B Challenges

Achieving "What's Possible"

Creative solutions to complex B2B Challenges

Achieving "What's Possible"

by Michael Moores

Creating Value with eBusiness Solutions

Envalo’s B2B experts engage in a rapid discovery process to learn your business, clarify your objectives, and ultimately deliver eBusiness solutions that improve business results.

To us, eBusiness goes beyond B2B eCommerce. Your eBusiness solutions should include improving customer experience, supporting internal and external sales teams, leveraging information from all areas of your business, and automating your back office to reduce costs. To that end, Enavlo’s solutions include the following:

  • B2B eCommerce sites with enhanced capabilities
  • Mobile B2B solutions
  • Innovative, integrated customer and supplier portals
  • Workflow automation & systems integration
  • Value-added services to increase sales and/or improve customer service

“Envalo took time to understand the opportunity before us and worked with us to architect and implement an integrated B2B eBusiness solution that helped us nail down a $40 million contract. They are constantly improving our site and anticipating our needs.”
~ President of B2B Promotional Products Distributor to Fortune 1000

Envalo's eBusiness Solutions include:

B2B eCommerce Solutions

Envalo’s team works with – and is constantly studying – the leading digital commerce and eBusiness platforms, solutions, and latest features. We also create custom eCommerce sites using Gartner/Forrester market leading, and highly cost-effective technologies, such as Magento. For existing commerce sites, Envalo implements new capabilities, enhances existing capabilities, assists clients in estimating costs, and prioritizes those features that will maximize ROI and that can be implemented in weeks or months (not years).

Our e-Commerce solutions include delivering mobile apps and enhancing functionality, such as custom quotes, drop-shipping, backorders, product recommenders, and schematic-driven parts ordering.

“…89% of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2B research process” – Google

Mobile B2B Solutions

Envalo develops mobile apps and mobile-optimized websites that automatically resize and display ideally for any device.

We also create mobile apps that take advantage of the smartphone’s unique capabilities (e.g., allowing the GPS to know your location, using the camera to scan barcodes and take pictures).

We specialize in technology that avoids the need to create an app for the Apple Store and then re-code it for the Google Play app store (Android devices). We leverage technology to code only once and then deploy apps to all major app stores, thus avoiding significant “re-coding.”

We design apps that are easy to use and provide the information and experience that your employees, customers and/or suppliers want and need. In short, we design for use, then integrate with existing systems. No need to re-platform or change ERPs

Innovative, Integrated Portals

Customers want easy and simple, but sometimes technical challenges can prevent a business from creating that easy and simple experience. Envalo can help you integrate your back-end systems with your customers’ or suppliers’ new or existing systems to create the ideal workflow.

Using existing information and consolidating redundant data within your organization or even across your customers’ or suppliers’ organizations can reduce the time it takes to set up new functionality, can reduce confusion or conflicting information, and can make your system easier to maintain over time. Envalo integrates information from the source of record (e.g., invoice amounts from accounting, product specs from engineering, marketing content from marketing, etc.). If a source of record does not exist, we extend our solution to fill the gaps. The result is a streamlined, mobile-optimized portal that leverages your existing information at a fraction of the costs and in a fraction of the time it would take to replace backoffice systems or to implement a fully integrated robust ERP.

Workflow Automation & Systems Integration

Customers, suppliers, and internal company staff want technology that is easy to use, that contains the right information and functionality at the right time, and that eliminates manual and other non-value added work. Envalo specializes in automating workflows and integrating back-office systems to improve eCommerce capabilities, mobile solutions and customer and supplier portals. 

Value Added Services

Clients often ask us, “What would you do to increase sales to provide a return on investment in months, not years?” Others ask, “How we can quickly begin attracting new customers and selling more to existing customers?” Envalo’s value-added services, including the use of social media, advising for digital marketing strategies and investments, and the use of analytics to drive conversion and optimize pricing can help boost your ROI.

We understand what our clients want: increased sales, improved customer service, enhanced productivity, minimized risk, and a positive return on any technology investment within a reasonable period of time.

Putting Some Skin in the Game

We aim to deliver!

In fact, we are so confident in our ability to increase sales and service, Envalo offers select clients dramatically reduced fees – or even zero fees – to enhance, host and operate their eCommerce site in exchange for a revenue share agreement based on incremental sales. It’s a win-win scenario that minimizes investment and technology risk for our clients and enables us to put our money where our mouth is— we create measurable business value or we don’t get paid.

Creating Value by Industry

Check out our B2B Solutions by industry

Envalo's B2B Solutions for Manufactures Expertise
B2B Solutions for Manufacturers

Check out how we created value for Manufacturing Industry clients

  • Complex order management workflow optimization
  • Industrial Equipment ‘Manufacture to Order’ Quoting and Order Solution
  • Digital Parts Catalog Publishing Solution
Envalo's B2B Solutions for Distribution
B2B Solutions for Distributors

Check out how we created value for Distribution Industry clients

  • Automated Multi-Dropship Supplier system
  • Backorder Management
  • SAP eProcurement Integrated Catalog and Ordering system
Envalo's B2B Solutions for Maintenance
B2B Maintenance and Repair Solutions

Check out how we created value for Maintenance and Repair Industry clients

  • Interactive Schematic Catalog
  • Integrated Quoting System
  • Mobile Optimized Parts Ordering