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Creating Value through B2B Expertise

Envalo's B2B Expertise

B2B Business Expertise

Since its inception, Envalo has specialized in helping manufacturers, distributors, and field service and maintenance organizations improve their businesses. We can help you make sense of the increasing number of options and rapid advancements in B2B e-commerce capabilities.

Whether the aim is to increase sales, reduce expenses, improve operations, or deepen customer relationships, Envalo can deliver measurable business value and outcomes. We offer multiple price-point options so you may cost-effectively innovate and improve your business.

B2B Technology Expertise

Envalo specializes in solution architecture, technical design, front-end development, Restful APIs, back-end integration and security, particularly for online commerce and mobile solutions. We help our clients deploy and maintain solutions on-premise, in the cloud, and/or by leveraging our hosted solutions. Our experienced technical team, along with the technology products we’ve created, assist Envalo with delivering high-quality solutions and accelerating results.

Envalo has created pre-built, customizable products that provide advanced commerce features, functions and capabilities. Our company gained experience creating custom solutions, and then invested in bringing these to market at lower price points for clients to increase their ROI and live up to our name. (Envalo is Latin for creating value). 

Envalo's Technology Expertise

“Envalo measures success on our ability to help our clients understand and achieve ‘what’s possible.’ Critical to that mission is to our ability to understand their business, their passion, and their goals. Only then can we bring our technology expertise to bear to help them achieve their goals.” – J. Michael Moores, President, Envalo, Inc.

Envalo's B2B Solutions for Manufactures Expertise

B2B Expertise in Manufacturing

Envalo’s Solutions have helped clients increase sales (by 38%), acquire new customers (increasing sales by nearly 100%), avoid major, costly investments in upgrading their ERP systems, and overall lower operational costs by automating fulfillment processes going from every order being touched by a human to nearly 80% of orders automatically proceeding to fulfillment.

Envalo has worked with and solved challenges for manufacturers ranging from small niche manufacturers to multi-billion dollar enterprise manufacturers. We have solved client challenges including inventory allocation, backorder management, customer-specific buying portals, and complex product quoting processes just to name a few. These solutions help our clients build their brand loyalty, support the sales process, improve operational efficiency and reduce the sales cycle.

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Expertise in Distribution

Envalo has worked with and solved challenges for distributors ranging from small niche dealers to master distributors across numerous industries. Leveraging our Learn, Coach, Build, Operate methodology, Envalo has solved challenges with solutions such as electronically subscribing to manufacturers product catalogs and content, managing drop-ship suppliers, integrating into eProcurements systems, implementing geographically limited catalogs, etc. These solutions help our clients better engage their customers, increase sales, improve operational efficiency and overall support their growth and scalability.

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Envalo's B2B Solutions for Distribution
Envalo's B2B Solutions for Maintenance

B2B Maintenance and Repair (MRO) Solutions

In working with numerous business manufacturing companies who are responsible for maintaining industrial equipment, Envalo recognizes a lack of software solutions addressing real challenges in the maintenance and repair and operations (MRO) space. Field engineers today lack mobile access to up-to-date information in the form of manuals, parts list, maintenance history, and parts availability. Additionally, they have no real-time functionality to place parts orders or requisitions, log performed maintenance or get alerts for parts received. All these factors contribute to extended machine downtime impacting customer revenues and brand quality.

Envalo’s B2B MRO solutions enable field maintenance staff to reduce maintenance windows and manufacturers to better support mission-critical systems being used by their customers.

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By integrating and augmenting existing systems, Envalo helps mid-market businesses increase revenue and improve operational efficiency without putting their businesses at risk with high-cost, months-long enterprise projects.