Three B2B eCommerce Pain Points That Buyers Are Sick Of Dealing With

by Michael Moores

Three B2B eCommerce Pain Points That Buyers Are Sick Of Dealing With

by Michael Moores

by Michael Moores

As a seller of B2B products and services, knowing the pain points of your potential buyers and demonstrating how you can overcome those challenges can lead to great opportunities to turn those potential buyers into long-lasting customers. Three of the most common pain points that buyers are sick of dealing with include bad search functionality, out-of-stock merchandise, and lack of payment options.

Bad Search Functionality:  

If your site is hard to navigate without easy, robust search capabilities, business buyers will look elsewhere. First, make sure your search bar is easy to find by giving it prime real estate at the top of your site. Second, understand how your buyers search to find products. If they are using unique terms, make those terms into attributes and incorporate them into your product information and search capabilities. Once buyers become frequent customers, they may also want the convenience of searching by SKU on your site.

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Out-Of-Stock Merchandise:

During certain periods of the year, inventory moves rapidly. If manufacturers and distributors can support their buyers through busy periods far better than their competitors, they build long-lasting, profitable relationships with their buyers. However, if buyers are not confident in your product availability, they will seek out other suppliers. Near real-time inventory is critical, as is following integration best practices, especially if you have multiple buyers pulling from the same stock. Inventory management best practices to support your buyers include:

Inventory Feeds: Support buyers with automated, robust, real-time access to inventory feeds. Include inbound requests, an automation where your buyers’ systems can call INTO your system for updated product information.

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Beyond the basic SKU# | Inventory Count: Not only should your feed show your current inventory, but consider providing extended information such as availability date and inventory by location.

Beyond in-stock inventory: Backorder management, stock alerts and ship notifications are just a few of the ways you can be proactive with outbound communication with your buyers.

Lack Of Payment Options:

Cash flow can greatly impact the ability for businesses to grow. You can easily support your buyer’s growth by offering better payment terms. The simple solution of enabling your customers to split their payment methods (credit card and purchase orders, or credit limits by groups or individuals) improves your customer’s experience, increases revenue, reduces operating costs and helps contribute to your brand while not taking on any additional credit exposure. Most eCommerce systems today can support this approach out-of-the-box or with minor customization.

Proactively solving these and other pain points for buyers saves them time, money, and hassle and builds customer loyalty and your B2B company’s online credibility.

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