Envalo provides a comprehensive range of services to our clients.

We engage in an in-depth discovery process to learn your business, work with you to understand your specific requirements, and then deliver a customized solution that ensures successful shopping experiences for your customers and increased revenue for you!

Working with Envalo was as easy as working with any team member of 10 years or more. It was easy to talk with their developers and work on our ideas with them to create solutions that fit into our budget. ~Joshua Vana, Affordable Uniforms

eCommerce Business Strategy

It takes a comprehensive approach to develop a strategy for your online presence. We work with you to learn your business from top to bottom to first help you create buyer personas and then define your business objectives, realize new potential operational efficiencies, identify technology requirements and incorporate branding to come up with a solution that meets your specific needs. We don’t stop there! We also help you incorporate marketing strategies to drive new customers to your site.

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Web & Customer Experience Design

We never force anyone into a box. The Envalo team makes it a point to understand your customer and where they spend their time online. We implement that information into your site to create a look, feel, and design that makes your customers comfortable and promotes your brand. We ensure that your products are easy to find and shopping is a breeze no matter what device a customer is using to view your site.

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Interactive Marketing

With so many options available for consumers today, it’s often hard for eCommerce retailers to captivate an audience. Our interactive marketing specialists will help you engage in multiple content creation strategies (SEO, SEM, PPC, social media, blogging, etc.) to create a two-way dialog between you and your customers.

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You are the expert in your field and our Certified Magento Developers are the experts in theirs! Our developers are passionate about taking challenges and building great sites on the Magento platform that flow seamlessly from customer acquisition, integration with your shopping cart and order processing workflow.


Whether you are new to eCommerce or are just now starting to drive more business through the online channel, it is key to consider the impacts to your back office. Envalo understands the order of cash and supply chain aspects of business and leverages that knowledge to model creative solutions and integrate them with the back office.

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A great ERP solution is imperative for a successful online presence. It improves the way you take orders, receive payments and ship products. Envalo’s ERP solutions ensure that the various stages of your business process run more efficiently, easily share information, and better communicate with each other.

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Our expert certified Magento developers are able to customize and extend Magento to meet your specific needs. We develop custom interfaces and extend popular industry modules to integrate with your external order processing, fulfillment systems, shipping systems, accounting systems and third-party services to offer out-of-the-box integration solutions. Customization is our specialty!

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Ongoing Support

Your Success is Our Success. We are not just consultants. We are your partners. Once your site is up and going, our ongoing support and partnership further assures your success. Need something tweaked or further customized? Want to discuss new initiatives to take your site to the next level? Envalo is here for you!

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