3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Robust Online Parts Catalog

Industries that sell complex machinery have a daily challenge to keep those machines in working order, so a good aftermarket parts ordering solution is vital. When it comes to the need to replace parts on your products, you don’t want your customers to experience prolonged downtime or wasted dollars. Having replacement parts readily available and easy to find for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is vital in keeping those machines going and keeping your customers satisfied. Continue reading…

Can’t Do A Full B2B Website Re-Design? Here Are The 3 Things You Should Prioritize

Planning a full website redesign can be a daunting task; there are a variety of features to consider, not to mention messaging updates, design changes, and optimization techniques. However, if you don’t have the time to commit to an entire re-design project, or if you’d just like to quickly spruce up a few things, there are 3 priority items that you should always focus on first: Continue reading…

Designing for Multiple Devices

Designing For Multiple Devices

designing for multiple devicesAs technology changes, so must design techniques evolve to adapt to those changes. Today consumers shop on tvs, laptops, phones, tablets, and many other devices. If you are interested in incorporating a design that targets different devices, discover first what would work best for your business. Here are some options and concepts to consider:

Mobile / Content First

“Mobile / Content First” is the idea that a website’s content, layout, and design should be prepared for mobile devices and their specific content first. This prevents wasted bandwidth and screen space on loading functions and content that may not be pertinent to the mobile users’ goals. As the screen space and download speed increases, functions and elements are added in as user goals develop.   Continue reading…

Heat Mapping aids Mobile/Content-First Responsive Web Design

Responsive Heat Map Example

I love sitemaps. When properly done, a sitemap communicates how a user can access all the most important pages of your site. Site hierarchy is built on SEO data and categories are nicely organized into logical product groups. Mixed with a proper content audit, content pages are relevant, organized and written for your users. But something had been bothering me for a while.

Mobile First Till I Die

It didn’t work with a responsive mind set. With responsive web design we are taught to think mobile/content first. Mobile/content first is essential for responsive design because responsive design relies heavily on relevance and importance. Continue reading…