Envalo COO Nicole Domanski’s interview with GYB CLE

Our COO Nicole Domanski recently sat down with the interns at Grow Your Business Cleveland (GYB CLE) to share “3 Things You Must Consider When Designing Your Online Store!” During the interview, she also touched on her experience in mentorship programs with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and more!

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Envalo_ 9 industries that are in need of a better parts ordering solution

9 Industries That Are In Desperate Need Of A Better Parts Ordering Solution

The parts ordering process has been a essential part of the business world since the beginning of time. Car blow a tire? You wouldn’t run out to the closest dealership to buy a brand new vehicle. No, you’d just purchase a new wheel, simple as that. However, when it comes to complex machinery, ordering new parts for mechanical systems isn’t as easy as buying a new tire for your car. Traditional B2B parts ordering solutions have consisted of manual processes, with company representatives taking orders over the phone, writing hand-wrtten notes and using disorganized filing systems. That is, until now. Continue reading…

Questions To Ask Yourself When Developing B2B Buyer Personas

In social settings, it can be challenging to talk to someone you don’t know. Once you ask the typical questions of “what do you do?,” “do you have kids?,” or “how about those Browns?,” sometimes that’s all you’ve got. It’s no different for a B2B seller. If you don’t have a good knowledge of the person(s) you are trying to talk to and what makes them tick, the conversation can be short and ineffective.

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5 Things You Should Do To Create A More Personalized B2B Shopping Experience

5 Things You Should Do To Create A More Personalized B2B Shopping Experience

Successful customer engagement relies heavily on personalization. B2B sellers can set themselves up for success by focusing on better engaging their buyers and providing an overall better experience through the use of personalized content. Here are five simple things you can do to achieve a more personalized B2B shopping experience for your customers.

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Three Ways To Boost Your B2B Sales With Educational Content Online

Three Ways To Boost B2B Sales With Educational Content Online

One of the best ways to boost B2B sales and increase lead generation for B2B sellers is through educational and informative content online that provides value to current and prospective buyers. Great content opportunities include blog posts, whitepapers/eBooks, case studies, videos, and webinars, to name a few. Sellers that offer this type of information and go beyond providing simple product information not only educate potential buyers, but also build their industry credibility and their own business brand.

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