Creating Value for your business.

To Create or Add Value is the very essence of our name.
En-”to create” +adj. from Latin valo “value” = Envalo “to create value.”
We measure everything we do against this single question:
“Will this create value for the person or business, we are working with?”

Michael Moores, Envalo CEO

Established in 2012, Envalo is the concept of founders who wanted to do things the right way.

For our team, it’s all about people and creating value not only in their businesses, but also in their personal lives. It is what drives everyone on our team to give the first-class customer service our clients deserve. ~ J. Michael Moores, Envalo CEO

Recently, small and mid-market merchants, manufacturers, and distributors have been struggling with how to use the internet to grow their business. They have been so focused on growing and developing their businesses that they did not have time to keep up with the rapid changing environment that is eCommerce. They needed someone to ‘partner’ with them. Someone to take the time necessary to learn their business and work as an extension of their team, combining the knowledge of their business/industry with the knowledge of the online space to bring their products and services to a wider market.

These smaller and mid-market companies did not have huge budgets or the capacity to bring on ecommerce experts to pioneer their online strategy. Without anyone with the expertise to run the project and lacking the deep pockets of bigger businesses, they were very hesitant to make the online jump. That is when the idea of Envalo surfaced. We created a company with a core focus of ‘Creating Value’ for our customers. We take the time to learn our customers’ businesses, thereby earning their trust to act as an extension of their company as their eCommerce strategy and implementation partners.

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We Learn.

We Deliver.

We Coach.

Our success depends on three things

  1. Your understanding of our process and what to expect when working with us
  2. Our knowledge of your business so we understand how we are creating value
  3. Communication; where we clearly, concisely and frequently communicate with each other.

The Envalo Process

Our core values reflects what is truly important to us at Envalo – corporately and individually. From them you can learn more about what lies at the heart of who we are, what we do, how we do it, and who we work with.

Our Core Values


Our Team

We have gathered a highly experienced team of eCommerce Value Creators. Come learn more about our strategy, development, design and digital marketing industry experts!

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Our Advisors

One of our core values is to pursue growth and mentoring not just individually, but company-wide. We have assembled a trusted board of business experts and enjoy reaping the benefits of their advice and knowledge!

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Our Partners

We partner with only the best, most trusted eCommerce industry leaders and experts to help grow your business. These partners have earned the Envalo seal of approval!

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