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Envalo – en (“to create”)

+ adj. from Latin valo (“value”)

-> “to create value”


A successful online presence is vital in today’s global economy. To compete, you must have a highly-intuitive site that creates engaging eCommerce experiences for your customers. Our passion is to create value and eBusiness solutions for industry leaders in manufacturing and distribution.


  • Questions To Ask Yourself When Developing B2B Buyer Personas

    February 22, 2017Michael Moores
    In social settings, it can be challenging to talk to someone you don’t know. Once you ask the typical questions of “what do you do?,” “do you have kids?,” or “how about those Browns?,” sometimes that’s all you’ve got. It’s no different for a B2B seller. If you don’t have a good knowledge of the ...
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  • 5 Things You Should Do To Create A More Personalized B2B Shopping Experience

    5 Things You Should Do To Create A More Personalized B2B Shopping Experience

    February 15, 2017Michael Moores
    Successful customer engagement relies heavily on personalization. B2B sellers can set themselves up for success by focusing on better engaging their buyers and providing an overall better experience through the use of personalized content. Here are five simple things you can do to achieve a more personalized B2B shopping experience for your customers. Is your eCommerce ...
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  • Three Ways To Boost Your B2B Sales With Educational Content Online

    Three Ways To Boost B2B Sales With Educational Content Online

    February 7, 2017Michael Moores
    One of the best ways to boost B2B sales and increase lead generation for B2B sellers is through educational and informative content online that provides value to current and prospective buyers. Great content opportunities include blog posts, whitepapers/eBooks, case studies, videos, and webinars, to name a few. Sellers that offer this type of information and ...
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